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Limerick as City of Culture may have come as a surprise to some who don’t know much about the place. As someone who grew up there I can wholeheartedly say that the culture has always been there but maybe not acknowledged or supported as much as it deserved.

Culture comes in all shapes and sizes and it’s thanks to the hard work of local promoters we have a chance to showcase it. Well done to everyone who gets involved, not just in Limerick, but Ireland in general. Supporting local acts, promoting each other in the face of tough times says enough about culture as it is.

Prima Volta Weekend brings Limerick alive with beats from home and abroad and puts Ireland on the map as forward thinking and open to new, good sounds. It also shows how in demand good soundsystems, big clubnights, festivals, and eventually (we hope) a staggered opening hour policy are.

In anticipation of the weekend’s antics I caught up with Sam Binga who’ll be tearing the Warehouse a new one. Here’s his top tunes from the last few years,  yuuuurrrt 😉


Om Unit – The Corridor 

My first real introduction to the wonderful spacey world of Om Unit. When he came to Bristol to work with me originally, we were thinking about doing some kind of ‘wrongspeed house’ along these lines, but Triffidz came out instead, which worked out pretty well as Exit ended up signing it. Love the way this tune sounds hugely epic and spacious without ever bashing you over the head with cliched approaches to ‘bigness’. 

HTRK – Love Is Distraction

Hyetal recently got me into the album this is taken from, and it’s great – really works as an immersive listening experience. When I’m playing out I definitely like to build some intense kinetic energy vibes, and on the flip side, for listening at home or in headphones, I really like stuff that has a sense of stasis, music you can sink into and be enveloped by. Dub techno features heavily for similar reasons!


DJ Rashad – Feelin’
RIP. I’ve mentioned it many times, but hearing Juke totally reinvigorated my interest in higher tempo music. Raw production, syncopated chopped up rhythms, and a hip-hop approach to sampling. Although I only met Rashad a couple of times, I was hit harder by his passing than I thought I would be. 


King L – Band Nation
‘Shout out Nez & Rio, this beat is so stupido’. I love King Louie’s voice, and the beat on this is so heavy. It’s so easy to fall into ‘hip hop nostalgia’ – whether that’s for classic 90s NY boom bap, or early 2000s Neptunes, or whatever, but I really think that’s a mistake. In some ways you have to switch the way you listen, but it’s worth making the effort – by which I mean, you don’t listen to a Zaytoven beat for sample flips the way you would check for them in a Premier beat, and you don’t listen to Gucci Mane for Ghostflace levels of hype flow. But then something like this – Gucci on a Zay beat: – can give you something you don’t get from anywhere else. 


Real Estate  – Green Aisles
I have a worrying soft spot for soothing jangly indie. This isn’t particularly innovative or shocking or challenging, but it works super well. Another great album for zoning out to out on trains and planes after gigs. I bought the album on a whim after reading a Pitchfork review of the band and ended up really liking it. I quite like buying things blind on the basis of a review – I picked up Photek ‘Modus Operandi’ on the back of a review in British skate mag ‘Sidewalk Surfer’ and that pretty much changed my life, so it’s an approach I still use on occasion.


Peverelist – Dance Til The Police Come

Who doesn’t love Pev’s weird circular riffs and rhythms? Stunning.


Massive thanks to Sam for this! Follow here and stay up to date: 


The Hoya:Hoya showcase is first up, a label who have been running successful club nights and supporting the likes of Lone, Illum Sphere, Johnny Dub and more.

Hightlights for me are: Illum Sphere, Chunky, A Love Supreme Beats n’Brunch and of course the screening of “Looking for the Perfect Beat”LA’s Low End Theory documentary featuring Gaslamp Killer, Flying Lotus and loads more – perfect way to get your inner nerd awn. There will also be a Q&A with Daddy Kev after – make sure you register to attend as limited space available. 

If unreal live jazz infused hip hop and funk and soul is your thing (how could it not be!) Fatima with the Eglo live band also promises to be an epic performance  along with Eglo Records founder Alexander Nut and too many more to mention, which is a good sign. Wrapping up the weekend sees Mickey Martins play host to an outrageous amount of good music, not to be missed!

Follow Prima Volta here and get yourself to Dolan’s Warehouse at 9pm:




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