Skirmix #12 – Kenny (Skirmish)


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Next up in the Skirmix series is by Skirmish blog founder Kenny. Having had a number of contributors to the blog over the years he thought it was about time he laid down one of his one. It’s the first set he’s recorded in over four years, and is pretty much breakcore/IDM from the get go.

Nothing else to say really except turn it up mighty loud.

Download the mix here


Richard Devine– Arc Acid

Xanopticon– These days

Doormouse– Skelechairs (Venetian Snares remix)

Chainsawpanda-Curtis Whip

Fanny– Safeway Brand Breakcore

Shitmat– Dubplate Murder Sound

Drop the Lime– Do It Now Kill

Ruby My Dear – Gherkin to Chlorine

One thought on “Skirmix #12 – Kenny (Skirmish)

  1. Find out how you can melt your face with this one weird tip (HINT: it’s breakcore). Mixing it must be like juggling lava while wearing underwear made out of crystal meth. Somehow Ken gone and done it. I blame the prosecco.

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