Skirmix #15 – P-Hocto

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It truly is a great day for the parish – as massive fans of P-Hocto, we are delighted he is next in our Skirmix series.

Dublin born DJ and producer Peadar Ó Brádaigh had been circling the Irish electronic scene for a number of years before across the pond to London city. A vinyl fanatic, Peadar separates himself from the masses by playing a killer selection of new and old tracks across the various styles of techno, electro and bass heavy music that most appeal to him. Dark and deep, weird and wonky, glitched out and sublime or simply pounding, one thing is for sure, you won’t find any filler here.

A regular DJ at the infamous Don’t parties in London, Peadar has also played alongside some big names in Techno and Bass, both at home and abroad, including Neil Landstrumm, Paul Birken, Ancient Methods, Lakker, Jerome Hill, Sunil Sharpe, King Cannibal, Dave the Drummer, Kanji Kinetic, PET Duo, Eomac, Radioactive Man, Fran Hartnett, Rory St. John, Systemic, and Swarm Intelligence to name but a few.

A re-record of his Townlands Carnival set, the mix is everything we remembered from the festival – all bangers, and as stated above absolutely no filler. Hands down one of the best DJ’s around who can hold his own against anyone. Turn your speakers up to 11.


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1. Shinra – Propeller
2. Scalameriya – Very, Very, Slightly Curved
3. Drvg Cvltvre – Air Raid
4. Rory St. John – Run Your Mouth
5. Dave Clarke – Thunder
6. Jerome Hill – I Know
7. I Hate Models – Demons From The Past
8. Matthew Jonson – Decompression (Nathan Jonson’s Rewind To 96 Mix)
9. Empirion – Jesus Christ
10. Ansome & Ossian – Buck
11. Ontal – Jackhammer
12. Sunil Sharpe & Faetch – Peublo Stomp
13. Manni Dee – Cameron On A Guillotine
14. DJ Mem – Is Your Ticket
15. Jamie Bissmire – Number and Measure (Chris McCormack remix)
16. Subhead – That Track
17. Perc and Truss – Forever Your Girl
18. James Ruskin – Work (Steve Rachmad remix)
19. Paula Temple – Contact
20. Villian – Tubular Hells

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