Skirmix Number 2 – Ben Pest

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ben pest

I have to say that I have never been so happy writing a post as I am now. The second in our Skirmix series for 2014 comes courtesy of one of my favourite producers ever – Ben Pest. Having first heard a 3 hour mix he did a few years back, I was blown away. It was everything I wanted to hear in techno- groovy, funky and interesting as fuck. I remember countless parties sitting in a room with my friends and we wouldnt turn it off until the 3 hours ended. I’ve lapped up all his releases since and I can honestly say he’s one of the reasons, along a with a few others in the ”wonky” scene, that made me set up this site – to help spread the word of his glorious music.

As a long time member of Ninja Tune band Pest, his solo guise has seen him release on the likes of Horror Boogie and Bonus Round Records as well as playing some wicked Hardware live shows.  He’s an absolute legend and I’m truly honoured that he put together an exclusive 2 hour mix for us. It’s two hours of brilliance. If you like the mix – go support his music. 

“I made this mix exclusively for the Skirmish Blog They have supported my music for years and so I wanted to make something ‘a bit special’. When I started compiling tracks I found loads more than I expected to find: Nearly 200 in Traktor at the last count! It has turned out to be a ‘retrospective’ in some ways (although I hate using that word) it kinda starts off that way anyway – though I can guarantee there’s loads of stuff you definitely haven’t heard before, whoever you are. So please, do not sit back, do not relax and prepare yourself.. I packed as much as I could into 2 hours, turns out that’s quite a bit!”

Massive props to Ben for the mix!





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