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I first came across Sane as I was trawling through soundcloud looking for something to blow my mind and that’s exactly what he did. It was everything I wanted to hear – fast, heavy and wonky. After getting in touch, he sent me more stuff and every tune was good. A veteran of the London techno scene, he’s been producing tunes for 15 years and knows his stuff inside out. Not only that but he’s a very fine DJ and we’re delighted he agreed to record a mix on the 1’s and 2’s for us. It ‘s a mix that takes no prisoners whatsoever and doesn’t let up from start to finish.

He’s also been good enough to give you, our lovely readers, a free tune to download and it’s an absolute banger. We also sent some questions his way to find out more about the mix and his productions. What more could you want from a Thursday night? Few yokes maybe?

What was it that first got you into making tunes?

I got such a huge buzz from listening to early techno and electronic music in general, it felt rude not to have a go myself and it turned out to be so much fun I’m still doing it 25 years later.

Take us through your setup. Do you work solely with hardware or do you use some software programs to?

I use hardware wherever I can afford it but also plenty of software, the big screen on a computer makes it more suited to stuff like sample editing and the range of cheap or free software instruments is too great to ignore. I make most of the beats and basses with a Tempest and Volca sample, the bleeps and squelches with a few analogue synths and often chuck large parts of the mix through various filters, pedals and amps. They all sync with Ableton and Reason for playing with samples.

What’s your favourite piece of kit?

For the sounds it creates the DSI Tempest, and for fun and value the Volca Sample by Korg.

What piece of equipment would you most like to own?

A modular synth the size of Romford

You recently released on Don’t Records compilation? You’re sound fits perfectly on the label. How did that come about?

The release came about because at the last second I thought I’d send the demo to Jerome, and it was right time right place, so I’d encourage people not to be shy about sending their music to people who they think might be interested. It probably wouldn’t have if not for the enthusiasm surrounding the track from a few sound mates eh Kenny. The sound would definitely be influenced by Don’t and the whole wonky thing, genuinely my favourite label of all time and the sound (if there is one with that sort of music?) that gave me back my enthusiasm for techno when it had run a bit dry.

Is there a piece of equipment you regret getting rid of?

I’ve not had enough equipment to consider getting rid of any until recently, I might sell a few drum machines soon but only to buy different ones.

What artists do you think helped shape your sound?

That’s a long list. Imagine a creature with Jerome Hills brain, Neil Landstrumm’s ears, the hands of Paul Birken and the Aphex Twins sense of humour. No wait, don’t imagine that.

You’re also a DJ. Do you think DJing helps you be a better producer and vice versa?

Definitely, once you start producing techno you cultivate a better understanding of its underlying structure, meaning you learn to count to eight. And when DJ’ing you get to hear in detail what makes the tunes you love work so well.

Do you think there’s too much choice in the music technology market these days?

Choice is good but musically it is better, for me at least, to know a few machines really well than have a room full of gear you only superficially understand.

How do you think the technology affects the music producers release?

Finding the right tools for making the music you want to make, the way you like to make it is very important, certain gadgets really open up new ways of doing things. Then of course you have genre defining bits of kit like the 303, although it’s been a while since we had one of those.

What are the plans for 2015?

DJ’ing for the Elemental collective at club 414 on March 27 and a digital EP on Oyabun Trax coming soon. They are both creating great things by supporting new people and continuing old traditions so come and have a listen and send them your demos. After that, finally getting around to putting a live set together, everything I ever did was at least part live jam anyway so it seems a natural step.

The mix

“Fortunately for me, since I buy very little, my girlfriend is a collector of awesome vinyl and whenever I get to do a mix I go roaming through her collection for the tracks I’ve heard her play lately that I liked the most, which is what you’ll hear here.”

1. DJ ZE MIG:L – Hiccups – DJAX

2. Queaver – Work Me – HORRROR BOOGIE

3. SCOTT ROBINSON – Varuka – cluster

4. Caustic Window – Joyrex 5

5. Michael Forshaw – Pounder –CHAN 5

6. DJ Urban – You work it pt.2 – Joey Beltram Remix – FLUX

7. Torsten kanzler – verruckt – nerven

8. Dj ze mig:L – rubbing windscreen wiper – djax

9. Roger rotor – doom with a view – Ant Zen

10. three – respect yourself – player

11. green velvet – percolator 2000 

****Exclusive Free Tune for Skirmish Blog***



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