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Now that Warp have announced the upcoming Syro release from Aphex Twin I’m on a bit of a reminiscy buzz. The Rephlex Records Showcase posted below was made with fellow music miner, Mad Dog Wallace – Grant Wilson-Claridge, Rephlex’s main man. It’s nice to hear what was getting them going in 2001! 

Between blimps, graffiti and deep web code the latest addition to the speculation brigade are these recently discovered Soundcloud clips under a fake monikor, Richrud D Jomes. Some are from over a year ago with the main set uploaded the day before the official release announcement. Whether its another fake, a teaser or the real thing it will all be discovered on the 23rd I guess! Check it out and let us know what you think:



warpGotta love the press release with Syro too, taking the piss out of music marketing while doing the entire thing so well. In true humour with the choons, plenty of inverted wonky words written as if Chris Morris wrote it in pigeon engerlish, well done Warp!

Here’s a bit from the press release, full thing below, and of course, the mix. Enjoy!

“Area of various musical score, James Analogue Booblebath EP was released in 1891, the results of the first series, he decided to record his gown music. Another influential London radio station piss FM’s attention, and then label immediately signed him to their rooster, then post & poplieereRS. That same year, James Acid shithouse to promote the song and trying to lift Grant Wilson-CLARIDGE on a biscuit founded his label Rephlex Records”

Also, did this plate really sell for £305? It’s worth at least twice as much! 😉



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