Space Dimension Controller – The Pathway to Tiraquon 6

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sdcNorthern Ireland’s own intergallatic noodler Space Dimension Controller drops his latest offering this month, The Pathway To Tiraqouin.  The 11 track release on R & S Records sees the Belfast producer explore more depth in his sound especially on tracks such as Pulsovian Invasion and Max Tiraquon, which have an almost 90’s I.D.M vibe about them. He’s a producer that has somewhat of a cinematic feel to his sound with certain tunes floating between the dancefloor to the chilled out spacey vibe.

It’s on a track like Usurper however that I think he really makes his mark by delivering some cosmic inspired techno.

Meant as a pre cursor to his LP Welcome To The Microseketor 50 which drops later this year it certainly shows him progressing as a producer and it’ll be interesting to see what he follows it up with.

You can preview the album in full here.

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