The Black Dog – Commodities & Pavement

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The Black Dog take two tracks from their new forthcoming album Neither/Neither and respin them for the floor and head.

Cut and Mastered in their Sound Lab deep inside The Socialist Republic Of South Yorkshire. The Black Dog have taken Platform Lvl 6 and Commodification and completely reworked them both with bass and large sounds systems in mind.

These are beautiful sounding. Pristine production as you’d expect from the legendary Sheffield duo. Platform Lvl 6 (Crash Remix) is straight from the Ninties but without sounding dated or contrived, it’s just how it’s meant to sound. And it’s wonderful.

Commodification (South Sea Bubble Mix) is another classic Black Dog track – a proper pounding techno groove. The production on both these is immense. Absolutely everything is layered perfectly and its sounds pretty perfect to be honest.

Both tracks are digital only and you can pick them up here

Cannot wait to hear Neither/Neither when its released on Dust Science Recordings on the 17 August.

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