Tipper – Lattice

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There is possibly no more excitement I feel than when I hear Tipper has a new release out. The words legend and genius get thrown around quite a bit (mostly by me) butthey couldn’t be more apt for Dave Tipper. The US based British producer has been making some of the craziest funky glitch hop for over 20 years, and his latest release Lattice shows him true to form.

It’s pretty much everything you’d expect from a Tipper release. Each tune is like a masterclass in sound design, you never know where’s he’s going next but you know it’s going to be groovy, there’s more layers than a sponge cake. Third tune Cubic Squeal in particular is definitely from another planet – like aliens desperately trying to tell us they’re into raving but not quite being able to get through.

My only beef is that it’s only four tracks long. Fingers crossed he get’s back over this side of the pond soon to play some of these out.

You can pick it up for only $6 through his Bandcamp

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