Upcoming Electronic Explorations release!

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Rob Booth from Electronic Explorations is responsible for introducing music to many people around the world. There’s many a mix he’s hosted that we have on repeat at a session and we’re delighted to see he’s not losing his momentum.Well deserving of the shows award winning status I can honestly say I am really excited for his next project.
Rob has picked 58 artists to join him on making an EE compilation which I imagine will be the mother of all releases this year. Electronic Explorations do not do things in half measures and this release is sure to be no different. Here’s a quote from the man himself: “Every single tune is exclusive and unreleased!! All brand new to this compilation!
Artists include:
Loops Haunt
Broken Note
Monster X
The Wee Djs
Radioactive Man
Neil Landstrumm
Milanese (coming out of retirement)
and many more!”
The full tracklist will be revealed tomorrow with Resident Advisor so check it out! It will be available to buy from bandcamp on the 1st of July for only £5 but if anyone would like to get it before hand then all you got to do is donate to the Electronic Exploration website and you’ll get it for the 25th of June(the average donation has been around £11). Nice one to Rob for organising it and all the 58 artists who have contributed, we cannot wait!
Full Compilation Now Available Here: 

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