Vectors 2 (Power Vacuum)

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Vectors 2 is the latest release by the always excellent Power Vacuum label and it’s an absolute mammoth of a release. Run by Bintus,  it’s been very busy of late dropping some proper techno.

Side one erupts with Vacated, flinging heavyweight techno ingot ‘Quadrat’ neatly into one’s medulla oblongata. A road tested club shredder, crashing straight in and out while unequivocally touching the sides. Don’t Records very own Jerome Hill promptly receives the baton and lays down atypical workout ‘Plastic Jam’, an overbearingly energetic percussion / vocal rinse.

On the other side, cosmic event Cylob weighs in with ‘Spyworld’. Libidinal bass patterns, irresistible melodies, and not a note wasted from one of electro’s most powerful minds. Breakaway civilization of one: Anklepants follows with ‘Y.H.I.Y.P.’ after receiving a free Bintus makeover – electro style. Finally Cornwallis‘ spoken word effluvium ‘At the Disco’, a charmingly rancid personal account to which the prancing oaf in each of us can surely relate.

Vectors 2 is out tomorrow on vinyl and digital which you can pick up over at Rubadub Records

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