Welder – Florescence EP

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Florescence is the latest release by Welder, the other alias of Ninja Tune loon Eskmo. Released on Angelides own Ancestor output it’s a different beast than the Eskmo stuff. While inherently different, their are traits of Brendan Angelides production throughout but Florescence moves in a different motion.

The album flows like the soundtrack to an epic movie that has to be watched on a big screen to be truly appreciated. The only reasonable comparison that can be drawn between Eskmo and Welder is that they are both savage and are the same person.

The Welder record is astonishing in that it it’s hard to get over the fact that it’s made by one person. On all of the tracks it sounds as if Welder is in fact an entire band. The drums and strings are so organic sounding especially on tracks such as Japan and Be My Light, that it’s easy to imagine a full band with an array of strange and wonderful instruments in front of you in a giant concert hall. Every track feels like this and it’s a testament to Angelides ability that he’s able to evoke this. It’s all perfectly layered and beautifully constructed and I definitely know that I’m going to love it more with every listen. Unbelievable.

You can stream the entire EP here: http://weldersounds.com/ 


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