WIFE – Bodies

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 When not spending his time shredding riffs with superb Irish post metal band Altar Of Plagues, James Kelly makes tunes under the WIFE moniker. Already an established name with Altar of Plagues, who are at the forefront of the black scene after putting out some colossal releases the past while, with James as chief songwriter. He now looks set to dominate the electronic music circles with WIFE, already having been played on Rob Da Banks Radio 1 show and a piece on Pitchfork as well as an upcoming album on Tri-Angle Records, home to the likes of Holy Other and Clams Casino



All the hype is for good reason too – Bodies, the first tune off his debut album Stoic, out on left blank in November, is a magnificent piece of work with soft laden guitar strings intertwining with haunting vocal lines and dense percussion complimented by a wicked video. It’s a brilliant introduction to his stuff and I’m extremely excited to see and hear what the future holds for him. Watch this space!

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